Director Hwang Dong Hyuk Explains Why “Squid Game” Season 2 Won’t Be Happening Any Time Soon

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Looks like we’ll have to wait longer to see “Squid Game” Season 2!

“Squid Game” has become one of Netflix biggest projects ever topping watch-lists in almost every country where Netflix operates. The drama is well on it’s way to become the most successful Netflix drama ever.

The ending of “Squid Game” left much room for interpretation. Since “Squid Game” ended on a cliffhanger without offering a proper resolution, fans have been dying to see it come back with the second season.

“Squid Game” Director Hwang Dong Hyuk has recently sat down for an interview with Herald Pop to discuss the massively successful Netflix series and answered the question we’ve all been waiting for.

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk has not only directed the drama but also wrote it. In the interview, he says,

“When I tried to make it into a movie in 2008, I couldn’t make it because I heard a lot of remarks like ‘unfamiliar’, ‘difficult’, and ‘bizarre’.’ It would not have been possible without Netflix. The only place that pushed it without restrictions. I am so grateful that they believed in me entirely that I was able to complete a work I never thought I could.”

He also commented on how shocked he was by the overwhelmingly positive responses from fans and critics around the world, he says he’s never thought it would become this big.

He also addressed the controversies surrounding the leaked phone number and the bank account, he said,

“I didn’t expect it [talking about the phone number]. I wrote it and thought it was a non-existent number, I didn’t predict that 010 would be automatically added. I am sorry that this has happened and I didn’t check until the end. I am sorry to it’s owner. In regards to the account number, it belongs to a friend from the production team. We decided to use it and wrote it, however, he’s said 456 won were getting wired to the account so he’s decided to close it.”

In regards to the possibility of a second season of “Squid Game,” the director says viewers will have to wait longer,

“A lot of people ask me about plans for season 2. I was physically and mentally drained during season 1 filming.

The concept itself is experimental, so I never really relaxed for a moment because I was afraid that people would laugh at me. I couldn’t sleep because I was working on the script every night and because I was working on the script every night I was constantly worried about the things that needed to be filmed the next day.

I thought that I had to make it as good as possible, so my stress index was up to 100.

I lost six teeth during season 1. I went around saying that I couldn’t do season 2 for a while. If I do season 2, I may have to wear dentures. There are a few pictures that come to mind, but in the process of finishing, a movie comes to mind too, so I think I should do it first. Talking with Netflix about season 2 is the next step. I have to keep thinking about season 2 because it is finished openly in various directions.”

Would you like to see “Squid Game” season 2 soon?

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My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

What he’s saying is totally understandable. Having to direct is already difficult but imagine having to write the script too, that’s a whole other layer of added difficulty.

I can tell he’s carefully thought of almost every scene in the drama, it shows through the final project and let me tell you something, that is very difficult to do. It is a lot easier to just ignore things here and there but the drama came out well-made and it was a pleasure to watch it.

Regardless of whether you liked how the script turned out or not, I think everyone will agree it was carefully made. You can tell he took it as seriously as he could.

I don’t really mind not seeing a second season of the drama ever. It was an open-ending but I can picture what could happen without needing a second season. I don’t feel the urge to watch a second season of the show.

Considering how popular it became, I am sure Netflix will likely green light another season.

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