“Squid Game” Accidentally Leaked An Actual Number In The Drama, Production Team’s Response Gains Immense Backlash

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Netflix’s hit series “Squid Game” has accidentally leaked an actual phone number and their response to the inconvenience caused for the netizen’s number is causing severe backlash.

“Squid Game” has used a real phone number in the drama, this refers to the number that contestants used to call if they wanted to participate in the games. Unbeknownst to the production team, the phone number turned out to have been real. The owner of the number shared with news outlets that they have been receiving calls and text messages endlessly.

This has caused great inconvenience to the phone number owner, since then, the production team has responded to media outlets with a statement to confirm they were working on fixing the issue.

The owner of the phone number has since revealed he was contacted by “Squid Game” team, however, Mr. Kim [the owner] revealed that they have told her to simply change his number as there is nothing else that can be done at this stage.

In an interview with SBS News, Mr. Kim says they didn’t apologize and offered a compensation of ₩1.00 million KRW (about $851) for the trouble caused.

The phone number owner says changing his number isn’t an option since his business is tied to it, he’s also had that number for 20 years.

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Netflix’s team response to the phone number owner has angered netizens, many believe they were out of line and unaware of how much they inconvenienced the owner.

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