JTBC’s “Snowdrop” Receives 871 Complaints In 3 Days, Ranked 3rd Most Controversial Kdrama Of 2021

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JTBC’s “Snowdrop” has received an astonishing number of complaints according to the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC). 

The numbers were shared recently via a news article, the data is taken from January 2021 to December 24, 2021. A rep from the Science, technology, information, and broadcasting committee disclosed the status of the broadcasting complaints under deliberation as received by the KCSC.

JTBC’s “Snowdrop” was revealed to have received 871 complaints about its history distortion allegations, it received this many complaints within three days of airing the drama’s first episode, the number is expected to go up.

The most controversial kdrama of this year was Joseon Exorcist which received a total 5,174 complaints, accounting for 46% of the cases filed in 2021.

Last month, JTBC’s “Snowdrop” came under fire as soon as it aired. “Snowdrop” has been under massive controversy for alleged historical distortion following its premiere on December 18, many advertisers have pulled their ads from the drama including one of the three biggest sponsors of the drama. A netizen has also launched a petition demanding the drama to be canceled, it has surpassed 300K signatures in two days.

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In recent news, JTBC has threatened legal action against slander, defamation, and more in regards to Snowdrop. Their decision was met with severe backlash. JTBC has strongly denied the history distortion allegations made against the drama, however, despite airing 3 episodes last week, the drama came even more under fire for various reasons and JTBC failed to convince netizens why it was all a misunderstanding as per statements.

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