Many Advertisers Begin To Pull Out From “Snowdrop” And Release Apologies Addressing The Backlash, JTBC Yet To Respond

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Advertisers have begun to pull out from “Snowdrop” due to the mounting backlash against it.

Earlier today, a netizen uploaded a petition to the Blue House website demanding the cancellation of the drama due to various issues netizens have found with it after it’s premiere. Read more about why here.

UPDATE: JTBC Finally Releases Statement To Address Controversy Over “Snowdrop” Alleged Historical Distortion, Here Is What Will Happen

In a mere couple of hours, “Snowdrop” petition surpassed 100k signatures. As of this writing, the petition has surpassed 200K signatures. As a result, the Blue House must respond to the petition as per their regulations.

As netizens began to look into what advertisers associated with the drama, many began to pull out and issue apology statements addressing their involvement with it.

As public criticism intensifies, advertising sponsors have either completed or are in progress of suspending their advertising one after another. On December 19, tea brand Teezan issued an apology statement to their official social media accounts, they wrote,

“We sincerely apologize for causing concern over the recent advertising sponsorship issue.”

They added that they’ve paid for exposure advertisements on the channel and they will make sure to be more careful so such an issue doesn’t occur in the future. Other brands such as a ceramics manufacturer stated,

“We have not received any prior notice of the drama script or plot, and we have not been able to review the sponsorship.”

They had agreed on a simple product sponsorship, and there was no financial benefit from the sponsorship promotion according to them. Regarding this matter, a drama official was asked to delete the corporate logo, and all products were returned. A fashion brand, a rice cake brand, and Hans Electronics have all issued similar statements to apologize and alert consumers that they either pulled out or are in the process of pulling out their ads from the drama.

JTBC has not yet publicly addressed the mounting backlash against the drama and episode two has aired as per usual.

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  1. This is fiction people…of course with some true events,or based on dome true events . but still fiction….learn to make the differenve ans stop the exageration..enjoy the drama…don t make more drama.

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