JTBC Finally Releases Statement To Address Controversy Over “Snowdrop” Alleged Historical Distortion, Here Is What Will Happen

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After a couple of days of silence, JTBC has released a response to the massive backlash that ensued after “Snowdrop” aired, here is what they said.

Snowdrop” has been under massive controversy for alleged historical distortion following its premiere on December 18, so far, many advertisers have pulled their ads from the drama including one of the three biggest sponsors of the drama. A netizen has also launched a petition demanding the drama to be canceled, it has surpassed 300K signatures in two days.

K-netizens have also been sending emails of their complaints to the Korean branch of Disney+ and announcing a boycott.

JTBC has finally responded to the controversy, read their statement below!

“Since the broadcast of Snowdrop, the controversy has not cooled down based on content that is different from the facts, so we would like to express our position.

First of all, the background of Snowdrop and the motif of major events are set in the presidential political situation during the military regime. Against this backdrop, it tells a hypothetical story of the party in power colluding with the North Korean regime to maintain power. Snowdrop is a creative work that shows the personal narrative of those who were used and sacrificed by those in power.

There is no spy leading the democratization movement in Snowdrop. The setting in which male and female protagonists participate in or lead the democratization movement did not appear in the first and second episodes, and does not exist anywhere in the script since then.

Most of the misunderstandings such as “history distortion” and “disparaging the democratization movement” will be resolved as the drama progresses in the future. The drama contains the production team’s intention not to repeat the abnormal era in which individual freedom and happiness were suppressed by unjust power.

It’s a pity that we can’t reveal much of the plot before the broadcast, but please watch the future progress of the plot.

In addition, JTBC plans to open a real-time chat window on the portal site and an official viewer bulletin board to listen to various voices and to hear valuable opinions on JTBC’s content.

The core value JTBC pursues is freedom of content creation and independence of production. Based on this, JTBC will continue to do its best to show good broadcasts.”

The statement has been met with a lot of backlash since then.

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