Park Na Rae Is Getting Investigated By Police For Controversy About Sexual Harassment Jokes On YouTube Show

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In ‘what-did-you-just-say’ news today, we have a shocker for you!

Popular comedian Park Na Rae could be getting investigated for her recent controversy.

On April 30, one Korean news outlet reported that Park Na Rae was getting investigated by police for her sexual harassment controversy on the YouTube show “Hey Narae.” The police station revealed they’ve received an accusation regarding the video and will be conducting an investigation to determine whether what Park Na Rae did counts as a crime or not.

In response to the reports, a source from the YouTube channel responsible for the video stated they will comply and fully cooperate with the investigations when it happens. A source from Park Na Rae also stated,

“We are aware of the fact that the police are investigating, and we will respond faithfully to the police request.”

The video in question was published last month, Park Na Rae came under fire for making a couple of sexual jokes, and using sexual gestures as well on ‘Hey Narae.’ This got her into backlash due to her remarks which many thought were out of line.

Throughout the show, Comedian Park Na Rae made a couple of sexual jokes, and used gestures as well. In one instance, Park Na Rae can be seen making an up and down gesture with her hand, which was blurred out by the production staff.

Another clip shows the comedian using her feet to make an up and down gesture on a table leg, which was also blurred out by the production team. When the MC besides her saw her doing that, he motioned her to stop and can be seen looking uncomfortable.

Due to the massive backlash, the video has since been deleted from YouTube and the channel Studio Waffle issued an apology to their YouTube community tab. Park Na Rae and her agency also issued apology letters for the matter and the show was ultimately canceled.

However, many k-netizens are dumbfounded to hear about the possible investigation that might come out of the video.

Do you agree with k-netizens? Do you think it should be investigated or not?

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