Has Comedian Park Na Rae Gone Too Far? Park Na Rae Heavily Criticized For Crude Sexual Jokes And 18+ Gestures On New YouTube Show

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Comedian Park Na Rae is under fire for her actions and netizens think she’s taken it too far.

A video was recently uploaded to the YouTube show “Hey Narae,” however, the video has since gained massive criticism from viewers who expressed their discomfort at what Comedian Park Na Rae was doing.

Since the show is on YouTube and not affiliated with any major network, it appears that the comedian took full advantage of the liberties and some think she overstepped boundaries.

Throughout the show, Comedian Park Na Rae made a couple of sexual jokes, and used gestures as well. In one instance, Park Na Rae can be seen making an up and down gesture with her hand, which was blurred out by the production staff.

Another clip shows the comedian using her feet to make an up and down gesture on a table leg, which was also blurred out by the production team. When the MC besides her saw her doing that, he motioned her to stop and can be seen looking uncomfortable.

Due to the massive backlash, the video has since been deleted from YouTube and the channel Studio Waffle issued an apology to their YouTube community tab,

“This is Hey Narae’s production team.

We sincerely apologize for disappointing our subscribers regarding the 2nd video.
We humbly accept the opinions given by our subscribers, and the second video will be reviewed. In the future, we will take care of the production of the videos that will be released on the channel.

We’re also sorry that the production team’s excessive production and character setting caused damage to the cast.
Once again, we apologize to everyone who watches Hey Narae.”

Park Na Rae is yet to issue a public statement regarding the controversy!

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