“Hey Narae” Canceled Due To Park Na Rae Sexual Comments And Gestures + The Agency And The Comedian Herself Issue Apology Statements

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Comedian Park Na Rae has responded to the backlash for her recent remarks on the new YouTube show titled ‘Hey Narae.’

Previously, Park Na Rae came under fire for making a couple of sexual jokes, and using sexual gestures as well on ‘Hey Narae.’ This got her into backlash due to her remarks which many thought were out of line.

On March 25, Park Na Rae’s agency issued a response on the behalf of the comedian to express their sincerest apologies for her remarks. They apologized to the viewers and production staff for causing issues with her remarks and gestures. They stated that Park Na Rae should’ve considered carefully how she should tell her jokes and is deeply reflecting for not being more careful.

The agency also stated that they’ve wrapped up discussions with the staff of ‘Hey Narae,’ and as a result, she’ll be leaving the program. From now on, the agency promises the comedian will be more careful with her comments and behavior.

Later, a source from the show confirmed they will be canceling the show over the controversy caused by Park Na Rae. They apologized to the viewers for publishing content that caused discomfort.

This was followed by a statement from Park Na Rae herself, she posted a handwritten apology letter to her Instagram. Her statement reads,

“Hello, I’m comedian Park Narae.

I had a long time to think about what to say.

I’m sorry for causing inconvenience to many people with the inappropriate videos on the web entertainment show “Hey Narae.”

As a broadcaster and a public figure, it was my responsibility and duty to meticulously check and express myself appropriately from planning to characters, acting, and props, and my inexperienced handling skills gave many disappointments.

In the meantime, I’ve been receiving a lot of love by you. I’m sorry for all the people who trusted me and supported me.

From now on, I will try to become Park Na Rae who thinks deeply about every word and every action.

Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused until late at night.”

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