JYP Entertainment Releases New Statement Regarding Stray Kids Hyunjin Bullying Allegations


JYP Entertainment has released a follow-up statement about Stray Kids Hyunjin in regards to the recent bullying allegations made against him.

Here is their statement:

“Hello, this is JYPE.

First of all, we apologize for causing inconvenience by the negative news about our artist, Stray Kids Hyunjin.

As it is a matter of caution, please understand that it took us some time to conduct the investigation through various routes to announce our position based on the facts. When the problem was raised, we listened to the situation of his school’s classmates, teachers, and surrounding people, and met and listened to the opinions directly with the permission of the publishers who wrote the posts.

After compiling the information we collected after we heard from various people, it was difficult to clearly confirm the facts of all the contents in the post because of the sharp contrast in memory of the individuals involved in the situation at that time.

However, there were people who were hurt and damaged by Hyunjin’s immature and inappropriate words and actions in the past, and Hyunjin is also deeply regretting and reflecting on himself regarding this, so he has met up directly with the people who wrote the posts and sincerely apologized.

We would like to thank you once again for resolving the misunderstanding with Hyunjin, accepting his sincere apology, and for showing support for his future.

And if there are any others we were unable to reach but have been hurt by Hyunjin’s actions in the past, we would like to express apologies.”

They ended their statement with,

“Finally, we ask that you refrain from the spread of any more false rumors or speculative posts online, and we promise to place greater attention regarding the trainee and artist selection process. Thank you.”

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Hyunjin has also posted a personal handwritten apology letter to Stray Kids official account, you can read it from here.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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