JYP Entertainment Denies Bullying Allegations Made Against Stray Kids Member Hyunjin

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There are currently countless celebrities facing bullying allegations, and among them, a new allegation emerged against Stray Kids member, Hyunjin.

The post was made on February 22, the alleged victim claimed that Hyunjin inflicted school violence on them in a post to an online community, the alleged victim says they didn’t think he’d ever become a celebrity so they didn’t collect any evidence but had certification that they attended school together, the alleged victim says they also have friends testimonies.

They also alleged he would make sexual harassing insults, diss other people’s families and more. JYP initially stated they were looking into the matter and have since returned with a statement to deny the accusations on February 23 KST, they stated,

“We are doing our best efforts to confirm the facts regarding this issue.

At the time the problem was raised, we asked for the opinions of those who went to the same school as the member (Hyunjin). If the acquaintances gave us permission, we plan on going to listen to their opinions, and we are considering publishing it if they give us permission.

However, it has been confirmed that there are many discrepancies currently spreading, and we have also confirmed that the rumors were released intentionally to create and post malicious rumors.

We would like to clarify the accurate facts without distortion by conducting a detailed investigation through various routes.

We will do our best to protect our artist through clarification of facts, and we will respond strongly to those who spread rumors.

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  1. Bruh that was not bulling it was a small agruement bruh he did nothing ha has lroven inoccent and its already like 2 years ago like bruh it keeps gatting worse becouse of you guys (not becouse of Stay’s) its bevouse of this yes this you guys dont know how he is fling right know you will tear him down he have seven brothers but its still painfull to see your brother cry even if they are grown up its painfull bruh stop the nonsense its making it worse i thought it was over ………

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