Red Velvet Joy Attacked On Instagram Following Irene’s Controversy, Fans Jump To Her Defense


The fallout from Irene’s controversy is not only affecting her but her group mates as well.

Following the controversy, SM’s confirmation and Irene’s apology, many netizens have been attacking Irene on social media, some even went as far as to demand she leaves the group.

Joy has also been attacked by some netizens as well due to Irene’s controversy, and fans can’t wrap their heads around it.

Joy’s Instagram has been bombarded with negative comments, some netizens are claiming they heard she also had a ‘bad attitude’ and are asking her to ‘behave’ herself and not cause issues for Red Velvet. Many k-netizens are grouping Irene and Joy together calling both of them rude.

Fans have been doing their best to defend Joy from the slander and nonsensical attacks online. They’re asking SM to take actions against the malicious commenters. They’re collecting evidence to send to SM in hopes they’d sue the haters.

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Fans believe that the ones attacking Joy are simply looking for a reason to leave hate comments.

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What are your thoughts on this?



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