Red Velvet’s Appearance On K-Culture Festival 2020 Abruptly Cancelled Following Irene’s Attitude Controversy

Red Velvet’s scheduled appearance as a group at an upcoming festival has been canceled and fans speculate it due to the recent controversy involving Irene and the stylist!

On October 23, K-Culture Festival 2020 confirmed in a statement that Red Velvet’s appearance has been canceled, the reason? ‘artists’ situation,’ the festival organizers asked for fans’ understanding regarding the urgent announcement. The festival is only one day away.

Red Velvet was scheduled to hold a fan meeting through a live broadcast on YouTube on October 24 as Global Hallyu Ambassadors for the festival.

K-Culture Festival 2020 is scheduled to be held on October 24.

Meanwhile, Irene has issued an apology for her attitude controversy after a stylist exposed her for mistreating her and throwing a tantrum. SM has also stated that Irene has met the stylist personally to apologize.

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