[BREAKING] Two of Chungha’s Staff Members Test Positive For Coronavirus, Chungha Tests Negative But In Self-Isolation


On March 1, MNM Entertainment confirmed that the idol whose staff tested positive for coronavirus was their staff in an official statement.

The agency explained that Chungha had visited Milan, Italy along with her staff recently and when they returned one member showed signs of fever and visited the hospital to get tested and when the test results came out, the staff member had contracted the disease.

The rest of the staff and Chungha were examined as well, one more staff member was revealed to also be infected. Chungha and the rest tested negative for the virus but the agency explained that they requested self-isolation for Chungha, and under the request of the Korean Center for disease control, they will continue with the self-isolation for now.

The agency explained that all of Chungha’s scheduled have been canceled as a result and assured fans they will continue to take measures to deal with this properly.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus is still on the rise in South Korea, the number of confirmed cases has surpassed the 3500.

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