[TRENDING] Popular Idol Staff Member Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Idol In Self-Isolation


The Coronavirus epidemic in South Korea is escalating a lot faster by the day and its starting to affect idols!

On February 28, news outlet OSEN reported on something that is worrying lots of fans. OSEN reported that a popular idol singer (gender unidentified) has a staff member who reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

The staff member had gone overseas with the idol to film a photoshoot abroad and recently returned to South Korea. It is said that the idol is currently in self-isolation after returning from abroad.

OSEN asked a source from the district office about this issue, they stated that they’re looking into it and confirmed they’re performing an epidemiological investigation. To make matters worse, the staff member had also paid a visit to the company’s office after coming back.

It is reported that the singer, other staff members, and office workers are currently in self-isolation. OSEN gave a hint about the idol identity stating that they have a comeback coming up and it appears that their plans will be heavily affected depending on what happens next.

Stay tuned for updates!

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