Jun Ji Hyun Bashed For Not Donating To Help With The Coronavirus Outbreak, Then Shamed For Donating


Actress Jun Ji Hyun was under fire for the most ridiculous of reasons!

Jobless netizens have been keeping track of idols and actors who donate and also of those who haven’t yet or didn’t make their donation public. Many actors and actresses donated around 100 million won (around $80,000) to help organizations fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

Jun Ji Hyun has been in the news because of her recently released photos from various photoshoots for magazines and brands she advertises for. Netizens have been bashing her for not donating to help with the virus on the comment sections of those articles.

They left comments such as,

“Why isn’t she donating when her country is in a mess?”

“Compared to other celebrities, she really doesn’t donate.”

“You do a lot of CFs, donate.”

You’d think that the bashing would stop once it was revealed that Jun Ji Hyun donated 100 million won, but it didn’t stop netizens from hating on her and still bashing her, they left many comments such as,

“She either saw the comments or her label told them about it.”

“She immediacy donated after she started getting hate, hahhaha.”

“Now that she is cornered?”

“Looks like she made a sudden decision after seeing those comments.”

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What do you think of the hate Jun Ji Hyun received? Do you think she deserved it?


  1. Hello netizens, get a lifeeeee… Money belongs to her, she can decides when to donate money$$$$

    And she probably bz with CFs, tt’s why didn’t donate until when she’s done with it…


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