TWICE Tzuyu Attacked By Chinese Netizens For Donating Towards South Korea’s Efforts To Fight The Coronavirus

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Guess who’s being attacked for donating today? None other than TWICE Tzuyu!

Recently, it was revealed by various news outlets that TWICE Tzuyu donated 50 million won ($41,600) to Community Chest of Korea to aid those affected by the coronavirus outbreak. She was praised by Korean netizens for her generous heart and the story made headlines everywhere, however, some Chinese netizens didn’t like that and questioned why Tzuyu didn’t donate to China or Taiwan.

Many comments heavily criticized her for turning her back on her own country, many comments asked ‘why not donate to China,’ ‘did she donate to china?’ and more.

A twitter account translated some of those comments, take a look:

However, as it turns out, it’s been also reported that Tzuyu donated towards China’s effort to contain the virus as well, she had reportedly donated 300,000 RMB ($42,900) but Chinese netizens were too quick to judge her and point their fingers at her.

Fans stuck by Tzuyu’s side and helped spread positive messages towards the idol, they even trended #ApologizeToTzuyu on twitter. Its been later reported that some of those Chinese netizens who bashed her have come around and apologized.

Fans are baffled by the hate she received for donating.

What do you think of this?

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  1. These people were quick to judge because that don’t like her and wanted to fault her at something. Fan or not, stop jumping to conclusions and sending hate on something so ridiculous. I get that some people are extremely patriotic but these donations for this virus is all the same. To fight for more research and a cure. I hope ONCE’s send some love to Tzuyu, I am not a ONCE but I send my support and love!

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