Luna Talks About Losing Contact With Sulli After She Left f(x), And Sulli’s Final Message Shortly Before Her Death

f(x) Luna is currently trending in South Korea after her appearance on the MBC show “Human Documentary People Is Good.”

During the show she opened up about many things including the passing of Sulli and her best friend as well. She introduced her pet dog and explained that she and Sulli adopted the dog together in 2011 when Sulli said she was very lonely. Luna explained that it was Sulli’s dog first.

To the shock of fans, Luna revealed that she lost contact with Sulli after she left f(x) in 2015, she started crying and said,

“[when I heard the news about her passing], I sat down in the street and cried.

She contacted me shortly before she passed away and for the first time in 15 years she used informal speech, and told me ‘unnie, I want to see you.’

I could tell it was a message she sent after holding it in for a long time. I felt so sorry as her unnie. I should have approached her first to talk. I should have said something. I should have told her I loved her more.”

Fans are heartbroken to hear about what Luna had to say! We hope she’s doing better now!

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