Final Results Of Sulli’s Autopsy Revealed, Police To Close The Case Soon


Sulli’s final autopsy results have finally been revealed!

Back in October, The Seongnam Sujeong Police Station announced the preliminary results of the autopsy, noting that no suspicions of homicide such as external forces or pressure were discovered.

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On December 10, news outlet NewDaily published an exclusive report; they spoke to a representative from the Gyeonggi Sungnam District Police Office and they revealed the final results of the late singer-actress Sulli autopsy which was conducted shortly after her death.

The representative stated the autopsy showed no traces of any harmful drugs or poison or substance consumption. The police will be closing the case soon with the results of the autopsy in mind.

The representative also talked about the suspected time of Sulli’s passing, it is suspected to be between the few hours of midnight before the case was reported the following morning. She was discovered by her manager on October 14 at approximately 3:20 PM KST.

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May her soul rest in peace.

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