Sulli’s Father Hasn’t Visited Her Grave Yet? Her Older Brother Exposes His Father Alleged Interest In Her Inheritance

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Sulli’s Brother has expressed his frustration with their father alleged interest in Sulli’s wealth and assets following her untimely death.

The Kpop world was shocked when it was revealed that Sulli has passed away in October of 2019, her brother has been doing his best to keep her legacy alive, he usually talks about her on social media and shares happy memories with her.

But it seems that there is currently an ongoing conflict between Sulli’s brother and their father. Her older brother expressed his thoughts on the way their father has been handling his daughter’s death. The brother took to social media to write,

“I want to carry the sadness of my dongsang ‘younger sister’ on my own, so how can someone who’s our father talk about money related issues to acquaintances when he hasn’t even been to her grave yet… if we’re strangers, lets just live like that.”

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He also shared a screenshot of a message that was allegedly sent by their father to acquaintances. The messages by the father allege that he’s been in conflict with Sulli’s mother over her wealth and the assets she left behind following her death, Sulli’s father claims that he was praying to use the money to benefit society.

Sulli’s brother’s social media post has sparked interest; questions have been raised whether the family has been in conflict over how to divide her assets following her death. This story is currently trending news in South Korea and is being discussed on various online communities.

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K-netizens are not reacting well to the post; many are pretty upset about her father’s intrusion and his intentions to take away her hard-earned money when he had allegedly not even visit her grave. Many people are sending Sulli’s brother their thoughts and wishing can deal with it well, some of their comments include:

“I wish that someone like that never gets anything from her estate if he had lived like a stranger to her, and I hope that her brother handles this well.”

“Just cause you gave birth to her doesn’t mean you’re her parent, trash is trash.”

“For someone’s who supposed to be her father, it’s too much.”

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On the other hand, there are some fans who believe the brother shouldn’t have done this and publicize their issue to the public sharing screenshots of messages and such.

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UPDATE: January 19

Sulli’s Brother has come forward with more accusations against their father after his recent rant on social media.

On January 19, Sulli’s Brother took to his Instagram account to upload several posts of kakaotalk screenshots; he claims the kakaotalk screenshots come from their father. According to Sulli’s Brother, the father has been attempting to gain access to Sulli’s wealth by falsely claiming that their relationship was great.

In one post, Sulli’s brother says the father called him talking about suing him for defamation, he says his father talked badly about their mother adding,

“I don’t know a lot about you but you also don’t know anything about me. You’re just a father who wants his daughter’s inheritance money but wants to avoid the inheritance tax.”

In one of the screenshots, the father sent an image taken at the graveyard followed by a statement claiming that he had gone to visit Jinri twice, he says,

“This is proof I went to to Milyang, where Jinri is. I went twice. For the witnesses of the truth, ask Church (anonymous)’s Brother (anonymous) couple and Brother (anonymous).”

The brother says the father didn’t even attend their burial ceremony and that photo he showed was actually someone else’s not that of Sulli,

“This is not even funny, how can you even try to post someone else’s photos. Stop lying.

Oh, I think it is distortion and fabrication you’re talking about.

Now that you’ve explained yourself, should I give you applause? The picture above, of course, isn’t even credible.

Aren’t you embarrassed as a member of the church?”

The brother goes on to claim that the father wants to get a hold of her inheritance but without paying inheritance tax, he told his father that he won’t sell the house Sulli worked her whole life for.

Sulli’s brother says the inheritance tax payment is coming up in March, he told his father “get a hold of yourself; we’re not selling that house.”

K-netizens feel deeply sorry for Sulli and her brother. It is believed that their conversation took place after her brother first talked about his issues with their father a day ago.

What do you think of this? Do you think her brother has done the right thing speaking about this or not?

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  1. Sulli’s brother is protecting his sister’s legacy while his father is a trash, he is seeing BIG WIN to himself
    Wonder other kpop artistes that had passed away had same family attitude. Very digusting

  2. I think the brother have done the right thing but where was he when Sulli was suffering. If he cared for her, he should’ve done something before her death and her father I hope he rot in hell. He’s not a father but a person who only loves money.

  3. Sulli’s brother totally did the right thing to speak about it, how can her father react like this, he didn’t even visit to her daughter grave and he wants her inheritance, no never he can never have what he wants, Sulli brother fighting you can do it, but don’t be sad, everything will be fine

  4. Well knetizens are fun of sparking immediately a news is out without even figuring anything out. Do they know why he did not visit her grave? Are they sure it has nothing to do with how it affected him psychologically? Like common the news shocked us how could it have been to the father. PS to me sorry if I’m wrong it sounds more like the brother is the one after the wealth him posting this online seems too deliberate, PS it is wrong and I don’t trust his one sided story.

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