First Generation Idol Reveals Shocking Secret: Married For 11 Years And Has Two Children

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It seems that 2020 is the year of marriage and baby announcements!

First-generation idol Cool member Lee Jae Hoon has dropped a bombshell on the industry, he revealed that he has been married since 2009 and not only that but he has two children, one daughter born in 2010 and one son born in 2013.

On February 5, he posted a letter to his fan café, in it he explains his secret and why he hid it for 11 years from his fans, he says his feelings of guilt stopped him from getting closer to his fans, he offered his sincere apologies to them.

He reveals that due to his wife being a regular person, he hesitated over and over again, he was afraid the news would become burdensome to her and her family. He says he came to the decision to reveal this because he thought that it would be more harmful to his family in the end if he kept hiding it.

He apologized in his letter again and carefully asked everyone for their support and love. You can a translation of his letter here.

Lee Jae Hoon is now 45 years old and at the time of his marriage was 34 years old. Some fans can’t understand why he hid the secret for so long. His group debuted in 1994 before disbanding in 2005, they did return in 2008 with another album but their activities as a group were numbered.

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What do you think of his shocking announcement?

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