Super Junior Heechul Couldn’t Stop Apologizing After Seeing A Fan Following His Dating News

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Super Junior Heechul is making headlines for the way he handled a fan when they met him after his dating news was confirmed.

The 36-year-old idol had recently confirmed to be dating TWICE Momo, many fans wished him the best and cheered on their relationship. However, Heechul still felt apologetic and even issued an apology; he also halted activities on his YouTube channel after the dating news was released.

However, one fan recently met Heechul who was filming for an SBS variety show and she had this to say about her encounter with Heechul, it’s making headlines everywhere.

The fan said,

“As soon as our eyes met he said, ‘I feel bad for even making eye contact with you.’ He kept saying that he was sorry so I tried to lighten up the mood by joking and saying, ‘did you feel bad? Is that why you want all of us to get boyfriends? But he just said, ‘I am just really sorry… and about the stuff on the internet about us dating for three years, it is not true…”

The fan proceeded to talk about how she told him about the reason why she came, she wanted to let him know she supported him but he kept repeating that he was sorry and that he was always grateful. The fan said,

“He couldn’t even look me straight in the eyes as he kept apologizing…. but every time he saw any of us (fans) he kept apologizing and saying he’s sorry.”

The fans said that it hurt to see him repeatedly apologizing so the fan joked around with him before leaving saying,

“My mom said you went from the fourth place to the fifth place now!’ but he didn’t take the joke and said he couldn’t take a joke at a time like this.”

In Korean, the word ‘fourth-place’ sounds similar to ‘son-in-law,’ the fan was joking around with him about that.

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Fans wish Heechul would stop apologizing. Many also believe he shouldn’t be apologizing to fans for living his life and for falling in love.

What do you think of this situation?

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