TWICE Momo’s Older Sister Attacked With Hateful Comment Because Of Momo Confirmed Relationship With Heechul

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TWICE Momo’s Older Sister is getting attached with malicious hateful comments after news of her younger sister dating Heechul were confirmed.

A couple of days ago, JYP and Label SJ confirmed that Momo and Heechul had started dating recently. While most k-netizens showed positive reactions to Momo dating news, some were still spiteful about the situation.

This sense of entitlement stems from how idols are marketed towards the public, many believe that idols should stick to working and communicating with their fans and shouldn’t be dating or at least shouldn’t get caught dating. This is why dating news tend to ruin or hinder an idol’s career.

However, due to TWICE immense popularity and fandom understanding the negative comments were overshadowed by the positive, however, those haters found another place to air their dissatisfaction with Momo dating news, her sister’s Instagram account.

The issue went viral on January 7, TWICE fans saw that her Instagram was buried with hate comments by Koreans, others even joke that they could write whatever kind of comments they wish because she doesn’t understand Korean. Some of the comments contain awful swear words directed at Momo and Heechul calling them all sorts of names.

Momo older sister works as a dancer in Japan and is known for having a very close relationship with her younger sister. Other k-netizens expressed their embarrassment while reading such comments with, ‘this is so embarrassing,’ ‘I hope JYP takes legal action,’ ‘I hope Momo doesn’t see this,’ and more.

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ONCE have been fighting back and reporting those comments, many of which have since been deleted, many are leaving kind comments on her posts.

ONCE would like JYP to take strict legal action against the netizens who left such awful comments.

In related news, Momo released an apology letter to ONCE after confirming her dating news, Heechul also apologized to fans.

What do you think of this issue?

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  1. Heechul is a grown man. He should be able to be in a relationship without the negative responses. All I can say to the nasty haters is “Get a Life” and leave Heechul and Momoslone.

  2. I really don’t understand why people have to go to this extinct. The both are adults and they have the right to love, get married and have a life they wanted. Just because they are public figures it doesn’t mean that, they have to act according to the people say.
    The so called people have they not in a relationship at least once or doesn’t they have any thoughts about their life.
    Don’t judge others with your own standards.
    You have the right to express/comment something about their music they show you not their personal life

  3. People are SO bloody immature. Let them do what they want to, let them love who they want to. Don’t go after them or their family just because sometime doesn’t fit your fantasy. Like Stfu. You either stay and support them or LEAVE.

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