Nayeon Can Feel Safe AT LAST, JYP Files A Restraining Order And Presses Charges Against Her Stalker

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TWICE Nayeon has been suffering from a foreign stalker for a while now and it recently took a very serious worrisome turn when he boarded the same airplane as TWICE on New Year’s.

An altercation took place as he tried to approach Nayeon, this was followed by a TWICE member writing a post on Instagram begging the stalker to stop and go back home.

JYP has increased security and cooperated with the police to ensure Nayeon’s safety but the stalker didn’t show signs of stopping, he believes in his mind that JYP is influencing her thinking and stopping him from seeing her.

Fans have been waiting for more updates following the serious incident a week ago and at last, JYP has taken legal action against the stalker.

On January 8, JYP released a statement announcing that on this day they filed criminal charges to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station against the stalker of TWICE member Nayeon for Interference with Business (Criminal Act Article 314).

The happy news doesn’t stop there, JYP has also filed a restraining order to the Seoul Central District Court on January 7.

JYP explained that the stalker was warned under police order a couple of times already not to approach Nayeon, however, he continuously ignored the warnings and continued to follow her around and that was when he boarded the same plane on January 1st ignoring police orders.

JYP ended its statement assuring fans they will continue to take all possible measures to ensure the safety of their artists.

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