TWICE Nayeon Stalker Has Actually Met The Group, TWICE Frightened By Encounter In The Airplane, JYP Issues A Response

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The case of TWICE Nayeon Stalker just took an even more scary turn; it’s been revealed that the infamous stalker has actually boarded the same plane as TWICE members.

The stalker actually tweeted about meeting the girls in flesh in the airplane on January 1st, he says he was ‘attacked’ by two of TWICE bodyguards so he wasn’t able to come near Nayeon, he even threatens to file a police report against them for reportedly ‘hurting him and doing him wrong’. He even expressed discomfort by how he was treated by them.

Later, JYP issued a detailed statement explaining that, indeed, the stalker was able to approach Nayeon while the girls boarded the plane in Japan; luckily, Nayeon was not harmed but is understandably really frightened by the incident. Nayeon is currently under police protection.

JYP stressed over and over again that they would pursue charges to the fullest extent of the law, they also revealed he was able to do that because of Sasaengs who sold TWICE flight information.

“Today [January 1] while boarding a return flight from Japan to Korea, a stalker of TWICE member Nayeon attempted to approach her multiple times after boarding.

We were able to contain the situation right away, and she wasn’t harmed but is currently very anxious and confused.”

JYP also explained that even though they warned the stalker several times, he ignored the warnings and attempted to force his way through and even raised his voice escalating the situation on the plane.

JYP will be also investigating the illegal selling of TWICE flight schedule and information; they want to search for a way to put an end to such activities due to the recent frightening incident.

JYP ended their statement apologizing to other passengers on the airplane for causing discomfort and promised to do their best so such an incident never happens again.

Fans have been trending multiple hashtags such as #ProtectTWICE, #LeaveTwiceAlone, and #ProtectNayeon. Fans are also wondering why much isn’t being done about the stalker situation from a legal standpoint of view.

Fans are sending Nayeon messages of love and encouragement after what could only be described as a frightening start to 2020, we hope that she okay.

TWICE arrived safely in South Korea surrounded by guards who protected them while they exited the airport.

What do you think of this situation?

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