TWICE Member Begs To Be Left Alone, Was It Directed At Their Recent Encounter With The Infamous Nayeon Stalker?


The recent situation with TWICE is concerning fans.

Earlier today, JYP issued a statement explaining that Nayeon stalker had actually followed the girls on the plane and caused a scene while trying to approach Nayeon, this happened on their flight from Japan back to Korea on January 1st.

But before we had an idea about what happened, TWICE official Instagram account posted a cryptic worrisome photo to their stories, the photo has the following caption,

“Please return home.

“Please stop.

Please, I am begging you.”

The photo has since been deleted. At the time the photo was uploaded fans had no idea what happened or anything about the severity of the situation. The fact that the infamous stalker was able to get his hands on TWICE flight information which were sold illegally by sasaeng is scaring everybody even more. It means he could do it again, JYP promised to pursue the fullest extent of legal charges on him.

The stalker is even claiming he was treated badly by their managers and was unable to get close to Nayeon to give her his letters. Fans suspect that Nayeon was the one who uploaded the photo but it could also be any other TWICE member who is deeply concerned about her safety.

As of this writing, JYP had confirmed that Nayeon is currently under police protection after the frightening encounter, read more about it here.

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We hope Nayeon is okay!

What do you think of this situation?


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