GOT7 has finally taken home their first-ever daesang (Grand prize) and fans couldn’t be happier!

The 2019 Asia Artist Awards were held on November 26 at My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi. Various idol groups, soloists and actors attended the ceremony. Among the attendees were GOT7, ITYZ, TWICE and Stray Kids.

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GOT7 took home two awards, the AAA best K-culture award, and their first daesang; Performance Of The Year for “You Calling My Name.”

GOT7 members have been working hard for six long years and had previously opened up about their disappointment in themselves for not winning a daesang award so far despite all their efforts.

But they finally made it happen; November 26 will go down in history as a special day for GOT7 and their fans. GOT7 expressed their gratitude for their fans, JYP, and the staff during their speech. They spoke in four languages, English, Korean, Thai and Chinese.

Members took turn expressing their gratitude for fans for finally winning this award. iGOT7s trended #IGOT7_PROUD_OF_GOT7 to express how proud they are of the boys who worked so hard for a long time before taking home a huge prize. It is currently the number one hashtag on worldwide-twitter. Check out some of fans’ tweets:

Are you happy for GOT7?