IU Revealed To Have Never Left Sulli’s Side, Staying At Her Funeral Home Since It Was Set Up

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An insider has revealed details about IU’s participation in Sulli’s funeral.

Similar to Krystal’s situation, some netizens have been leaving malicious comments directed at IU for not posting anything about Sulli’s passing like many other celebrities. An insider clarified that in a recent exclusive report by Star News.

The insider told Star News that IU has been at the funeral home since it was set up for Sulli for the past 3 days. IU and Sulli were both extremely close to each other; IU was even inspired to write a song with Sulli in mind. The insider reveals that IU was in deep sorrow.

Since the funeral was held privately, not many details have been revealed about it. The family of Sulli wished for the press to not interfere with the proceedings as the family, friends, and colleagues mourned in silence away from cameras.

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IU had previously announced in an official statement through her agency that her album release has been delayed; she was originally set to come back on the 1st of November but it has been halted for now and the release of the comeback promotional material has also been halted.

Fans wish for netizens to stop dragging IU now that they know she was at Sulli’s funeral home during the entire proceedings.

Rest in peace Sulli.

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  1. Here they go again the so call fans of this poor idols keep on criticizing their idols, they don’t learned their lessons do they?

    This poor girl is dead because of her so call fans the claim they love her to dead and their malicious comments. And now they are doing it with the rest of the girls from her former group, is very sad to see the this talented singers have to go tru this stress and awful comments like they don’t have already enough stress with their
    Stressful schedule already, and trying to please their so call fans .

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