Sulli’s Funeral Held Today Behind Closed Doors, SM Entertainment Shares A Message In Memory Of Sulli


Earlier today, it was revealed that Sulli’s funeral procession was carried out this morning at Sinchon Severance Hospital.

As per to SM statement in response to the family wishes, the funeral was carried out quietly behind closed doors. Family, close friends and colleagues attended the funeral to pay their respects to Sulli.

Various colleagues and celebrities delayed their schedules or canceled them altogether following the shocking news of Sulli’s sudden tragic passing.

f(x) members attended the funeral and flew from various locations to Seoul upon hearing the news. Press cameras weren’t allowed at the funeral as well.

Later, SM took to social media to share a post remembering Sulli,

“We remember the day we met Sulli.

The lovely girl with a blinding smile grew up to become an artist loved by many people, and now Sulli has become a star that always shines in the hearts of those who loved her.

We will not forget the beauty and warm heart she has shown us and will cherish them forever.”

May her soul rest in peace. We miss you Sulli.


  1. SM Entertainment should be more careful, and treat theirs artist with utmost love and dedication. They have two that gotten suicide already. This should be an eye opener.


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