F(X) Krystal Revealed To Have Stayed By Sulli’s Memorial Altar For The Past Three Days

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An insider revealed details about f(x) Krystal whereabouts following Sulli’s sudden passing.

Many celebrities and friends of Sulli havealready left messages of grief on their social media accounts. However, Krystal had notably not published anything in relation to Sulli’s passing which led some netizens to leave harsh comments criticizing her silence on the issue.

In reality, what Krystal had been up to will make you both proud and sad at the same time. It’s been revealed that she had stayed at Sulli’s memorial altar for the past 3 days

The insider who spoke on her behalf explained the situation and expressed their regret and shock at the backlash she’s been receiving.

In case you don’t know, according to Korean traditions and custom, the family and friends mourn the deceased at a memorial site in the days preceding the actual funeral. However, Krystal has helped Sulli’s family with the entire process which is something that usually family members of the deceased take care of.

The insider revealed that she had stayed at the altar since Sulli’s passing. The insider also added that she was in deep shock and sadness upon hearing the news of Sulli’s passing, the insider also expressed their shock at the backlash she’s been receiving for staying quiet.

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What are your thoughts on this?

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My Personal Thoughts

We’re only fans but a lot of us are struggling with her passing, I can only imagine how hard it must be for people who were close to her.

I just can’t comprehend why someone would criticize Krystal in such a state, I just… I am trying to logically think of this but I seriously can’t wrap my head around it. They have to be sick in the head to criticize her for not posting about Sulli.

I don’t understand, did those people not lose anyone ever in their entire lives? A lot of people might not to want to even touch their phones during such times because they’re going through something so difficult.

Krystal strikes me as a sensitive person, she might appear cold on the exterior but she seems so sweet and her actions during Sulli’s funeral prove that to me even more.

Even if she hadn’t spent all her time there, I still don’t want to hold her or anyone responsible for not posting on social media. Everyone grieves differently and it pains me that there are netizens out there bashing her for not posting…. They will post when they can or never, it depends on them. I bet many attended Sulli’s funeral and that is actually the best way to pay respect to her, its through that not through social media.

I seriously hope that she and the rest of all of Sulli’s family and friends are surrounded by people who love and care about them. It must be so difficult on many SM artists who were close to Jonghyun and Sulli. I hope they’re all doing ok.

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  1. Seriously when are you going to realise your comment is like a knife stop it please words are more hurt then knige or what ever things that can hurt you damn it.

  2. it really isn’t our business what she is up too. She lost someone very close to her and if we don’t hear from her we should give her some privacy and respect.

  3. Some people are just born haters…so sad when it happens among your own nation. As human being please have respect and sensitivity regarding death. Not all people go throwing their sadnest in the media….some people mourned quietly…better still than hoo haa everything in the media….

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