f(x) Victoria Snaps Back At Haters Who Bashed Her And Her Members For Not Posting about Sulli’s Passing


f(x) Victoria was not pleased with how some netizens were interpreting her and her fellow f(x) members’ silence on social media.

It was previously reported that some antis were bashing Krystal for staying silent following Sulli’s passing, those antis criticized her for not posting something to mourn Sulli’s passing as many other celebrities had done for the past three days. Others were also bashing other f(x) members for not stating anything on social media so far.

In response to those bashers, an insider revealed that Krystal was in fact at Sulli’s memorial altar for the past three days, she had helped her family with the preparations; the insider also expressed their shock at some of the antis comments.

Victoria was also criticized on Weibo for not posting about Sulli’s passing. Victoria had previously immediately halted all activities after hearing about Sulli’s passing. She immediately flew to South Korea to attend Sulli’s funeral. It seems that f(x) Victoria became aware of the situation and of people bashing her and her members, she didn’t sit back and watch, she gave those bashers a piece of her mind.

To her Weibo story, she published a long post about how netizens should respect others’ lives and not criticize the way others choose to live their lives and express their sorrow.

In her statement, she says,

“Since when did posting on Weibo, WeChat friend circle, or Instagram become a metric? That can measure morals, interpersonal relationships, your joy, anger, grief, happiness, anything you want to measure?”

Credit: Trending Weibo.

She also asks of people to respect others boundaries and to stop trying to control the way they live their lives,

“Please don’t criticize the way other people live their lives, well-intentioned advice and suggestions have their limitations, please don’t cross that boundary.

When your own life is a mess, what gives you the right to tell someone what they should and shouldn’t do?”

Here is Trending Weibo full translation of her post below:

f(x) fans are extremely proud of her for speaking up in defense of Krystal and all other idols who have not posted to social media to mourn Sulli’s passing.

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What do you think of Victoria’s post? Do you agree with her?

My Personal Thoughts

God bless Victoria, that was such a mature post. I agree with everything she said. In my opinion, what she said doesn’t only apply to this particular situation but a lot of others as well.

As I said before, everyone grieves differently and when you’re so overwhelmed, your phone is not on your mind. No one should rush any f(x) member to post anything about Sulli if at all, let them grieve in peace for crying out loud.

7 thoughts on “f(x) Victoria Snaps Back At Haters Who Bashed Her And Her Members For Not Posting about Sulli’s Passing”

  1. Well said, Victoria! These have been my sentiments exactly! How dare people who knew no part of Sully personally, attack those that did for the way they choose to mourn her?

    Especially considering the effects of death, primarily by suicide. Such grief can be insurmountable.

    Have we not been talking about being careful with your words & how you treat people since this tragedy? Why would anyone in their right mind then move on to criticise those who were close to her who are now in such a vulnerable position?

    I’ve never felt so much shame & disappointment in a community as I have in the past few days. These people deserve better.

  2. We Filipinos despite the calamities, the problem in life, but no can control our life.. we do respect people and opinions.. but there is always a question: why should i follow you? Who are you? Nobody owns me? You may be a celebrity but You are not a public property. God bless may this Sulli’s Act give the best for Korea. I grief for many life that has been lost.

    • Other people don’t know how to use their social media. They dont know how to shot their mouths and messy mind. Ranting insensitive words immaturely.

      I admire victoria for standing and saying whatever it takes. protecting what she things is right. A leader and mother indeed. My condolences to f(x).

  3. I really agree on Victoria’s post. Why would someone will post their mourn online? For fame? Na Uh, they just dont give a shit about it and they mourn silently, spiritually, and less toxic people in social media.

  4. What Victoria said is correct and moral. Those who are criticizing her and other artists for not posting are like curiosity seekers. They are not real mourners, just parasites who have no respect for people. It would be bad manners for the people who knew Sulli and were her friends to disrespect her memory by posting for the entertainment of these sick people. People like these netzens and antis piss me off and have to be sociopaths with absolutely no empathy for anyone else’s feelings. And don’t even bring up Asian vs Western culture here. Culture does not matter when the intent is to terrorize and harm.

    And anyone who disagrees then you better step the back and think about how you would feel if some rude stranger demanded you post your grief on social media if you lost someone you loved.


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