Why Some K-Netizens Are Blaming Sulli’s Ex-Boyfriend Choiza For Her Sudden Tragic Passing

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It seems that many K-Netizens still haven’t realized how hurtful their comments can be!

On October 14, the Kpop community was shaken to its core; Sulli was found dead in her home. Since then, the entire Kpop community mourned her sudden tragic passing. The discussion into what led to Sulli’s sudden passing started a heated debate among everyone.

Subsequently, it was reported that Sulli pled to SM to sue malicious commenters but that didn’t end well. People began blaming each other for what led to what happened to Sulli. Some blamed the press for covering her stories, others blamed k-netizens hurtful comments and for some very strange reason there were some K-Netizens who blamed her ex-boyfriend Choiza.

To understand what this means and why some K-Netizens reached that conclusion we must go back to 2014, back then, Sulli was being dragged by the press following the reveal of her relationship with the rapper Choiza who was much older than her and according to some ‘didn’t fit her/negatively affected her.’


In 2014, SM announced that Sulli would be taking a hiatus due to the malicious hurtful endless comments she’s been receiving.

Back then, some K-Netizens attributed Sulli’s change of behavior to her boyfriend at the time, Choiza.

In 2017, the couple announced their breakup but during their relationship they didn’t shy away from expressing their love for each other on social media which is unheard of for Kpop couples.

Throughout their relationship, they suffered many ruthless comments that picked at their relationship.

Now, some K-Netizens are taking out their frustration on Choiza blaming him for her death. Some began leaving hurtful malicious comments on his Instagram account so much so that he ended up disabling his comment feature on his account altogether.


Some K-Netizens told him to ‘die,’ ‘take responsibility,’ others asked him to take a hiatus and to cancel his upcoming concert to reflect.

It’s important to point out that this is not the sentiment of all K-Netizens, many other K-Netizens jumped to his defense in the comments on Instagram and various news articles as well, many asking him not to feel guilty and to take care of himself and to not listen to hateful comments.

International fans, on the other hand, are baffled by some K-Netizens remarks. Many seem to agree that Sulli wouldn’t have tragically passed away if people were nicer to her on the internet, international fans don’t understand how blaming an ex-boyfriend relieves the pain or the burden of responsibility some might feel.

In related news, Choiza wrote a heartbreaking post about Sulli, his agency also announced that his comeback has been delayed and that he wouldn’t be attending any scheduled events for the time being.

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What are your thought on this? Do you think he deserves to be criticized?

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