The Secret About How Idols Manage To Date Throughout Their Careers Finally Revealed


Public dating between idols is frowned upon as many fans believe the idols belong to them and should focus on working hard instead of dating as absurd as it may seem.

This, in turn, means that idols resort to secretly going out with other idols/celebrities. There is always an interest in what insiders have to say about what methods idols use to date and how they manage to avoid getting caught.

With the news of TWICE Jihyo and Kang Daniel confirming they’re dating the subject of how idols date was talked about in details again. Channel A variety show titled “Rumor has it” discussed this subject.

Lady Jane explained how idols date at each stage of their careers. She says idols (during their early careers) would enjoy dates at nights in the mountains as if they’re hiking so no one can notice them.

Once they’ve been active for a couple of years, they begin dating in their own cars, they start meeting and going to the Han River.

After they move out of their dorms, they meet in their own apartments comfortably there, which is what happened with TWICE Jihyo and Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel is still considered a rookie in a sense but he managed to make lots of money promoting in the temporary group Wanna One, he has his own apartment. Jihyo is still living with her members in the dorm but is comfortable enough to travel around with her car and meet her boyfriend in it or in this case at his place.

Dispatch also reported the two met and hung out at Daniel’s apartment.

His apartment became the topic of discussion; he lived in the expensive Village in the neighborhood of Hannam. Apartments there cost millions of dollars. The neighborhood is known for being very secure and houses so many artists such as Gdragon, Lee Jong Suk and many many others.

However, the panel started questioning just how safe the neighborhood really was. Kim Ji Hyun revealed that celebrities misunderstand this, even if their neighborhood is secure, there are roads that lead underground, if you’re caught entering that place at a similar time, it can serve as evidence the two are dating. Rather than photos of them together, photos of them entering the same place can become evidence.

The panel was curious to hear more about how the dating news was reported, Kim Ji Hyun revealed that instead of being ambushed, they [news outlets] find out about idols dating through tips. Usually, if there are no photos, agencies would deny the reports. This, in turn, means that Dispatch will only release dating news if they’re 100% certain.

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