One of the hottest new Kpop couples has to be TWICE Jihyo and Kang Daniel. The news was revealed on August 5 by Dispatch.

As previously reported on jazminemedia, the majority of South Korean based news outlets would disclose the time an article was written and/or published and the last time it was edited.

Fans who viewed Dispatch original article noticed that the originally written date was actually set to July 20. Many have talked about the publish date and began to speculate why the dating news was published two weeks later.

One of Dispatch reporters who worked on hyo the scope spoke to “Section TV” and revealed the truth behind why the publishing of the report was delayed for two weeks.

The reporter says the ‘investigation’ into the dating report was finished that day but Dispatch took Kang Daniel’s debut into consideration and decided to release it on August 1st. However, things didn’t go as planned when they found out that he had a fanmeeting on the same day, August 2 wasn’t possible because South Korean news outlets were busy reporting on Japan removing Korea from the white list.

The reporter also revealed Dispatch avoids releasing reports on Fridays so they decided to release it on Monday of August 5th.

The reporter also talked about the exclusive report revealing that because Jihyo lives in a dorm the two met once a week at his home. It was also difficult for them to date in public.

Since the report came out, both idols agencies confirmed the news. Kang Daniel released a letter apologizing to fans, but many remained disappointed with his decision to date whilst his eventful year.

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