Pressured By News Of His Relationship Revealed, Is Kang Daniel Moving Out Of His Home?

On August 11, a Korean news outlet reported that Kang Daniel was moving out from his residence in UN Village in the neighborhood of Hannam.

It’s the same apartment complex that was popularized by EXO Baekhyun, he sang about it in his solo debut. Later, Dispatch revealed photos of TWICE Jihyo and Kang Daniel out on dates near his home which made interest in UN Village rise even more.

The news outlet reported that he’s been moving out since today’s morning, the news outlet theorized that he’s moving out because of the pressure he felt after news of his relationship with Jihyo came out.

The report was soon covered by other news outlets and it became a bigger hot issue, Kang Daniel agency stepped up to deny the news. KONNECT Entertainment stated that it’s not true he’s moving out to another place. They added that personal details about his personal life won’t be revealed.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s agency recently issued a statement stating they’re taking strict legal action against those who spread fake rumors or defame their artist.

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