tvN “Arthdal Chronicles” part two/season two is finally over and the ratings numbers are in!

Episode 11 and 12 aired on July 6 and 7 respectively. July 7 episode rated 6.3% according to Nielsen Korea while July 7 episode rated 6.8% according to Nielsen Korea.

While the rating numbers for season two finale are higher than last week they’re still not the highest numbers the drama achieved. The highest number went to episode 4 which rated 7.7%.

The topic of “Arthdal Chronicles” ratings has been a widely discussed topic among netizens. The drama premiered to high expectations but failed to surpass the 10% as many had anticipated.

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Part 3/season 3 of the drama will air sometime in the second half of 2019. tvN has not released the specific date of Season three premiere yet, there are reports about it airing in September but the exact date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Have you watched “Arthdal Chronicles” episode 11 and 12? What did you think of it?