YouTube Deletes 4 Million Views Of “Boy With Luv” Music Video Totaling Number Of Deleted Views To 14 Million

YouTube has angered ARMYs again, they have deleted four more million views from “Boy With Luv” Music Video.

This comes after YouTube initially deleted 10 million views of “Boy With Luv” Music Video back on April 13 which set the video back to 80 million views after it had celebrated reaching 90 million views.

Various ARMY were streaming hard on April 14 aiming to reach 200 million views in record time. However, suddenly the MV went from 117 million views to 113 million views which caused anger among the fandom.

Some of ARMY took to Twitter again to demand YouTube give back their 14 million views.

Here are some of their tweets:

YouTube had previously responded to ARMYs after the backlash received because it deleted 10 million views. YouTube said,

“@bts_bighit @halsey We cannot get over Boy With Luv so many fans viewing your video, you nearly broke the YouTube view counter! You may see views “freeze” or fluctuate while our systems work through it, more details on how this works here:”

In subsequent replies to ARMY questions and complaints, the platform wrote,

“There are reasons [for removing views]! We remove views that are considered invalid. An example of this would be views that are from bots or computer programs. More details in the Help Center article shared above:

They also said:

“It’s normal for the public view count to adjust as our systems validate and remove views that aren’t real or accurate. Views of “Boy With Luv” were so unprecedented that live estimates couldn’t keep up with our systems! It may still fluctuate as our systems get through the views.”

What do you think of this?

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1 thought on “YouTube Deletes 4 Million Views Of “Boy With Luv” Music Video Totaling Number Of Deleted Views To 14 Million”

  1. Haha, ARMY literally BLEW UP youtube.. Congrats, ARMY, love ya~ Don’t be so damn toxic though,try to understand Youtube’s reasons. They wouldn’t have done this for no reasons- unless they are BTS antis’s.. Well, YT isn’t THAT unfair. Ever thought of that??


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