YouTube Deletes 10 Million Views Of “Boy With Luv,” ARMY Furious And Decide To Take Action

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April 12 was a busy day for ARMY all around the world, they have been working hard to help set new unprecedented records for BTS.

So far, with the help of ARMY, “Boy With Luv” became the fastest Kpop group music video to reach 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 million views.

Not too long ago, “Boy With Luv” reached the 90 million views and the fandom was happily celebrating the newest milestone, they were planning on setting a record for the fastest music video on YouTube to reach 100 million views.

However, while streaming fans suddenly noticed that the views went back from 90 to 80 million views, looking through statistics from

The video lost approximately 10,197,542 views.

This is not the first time something similar to this happens to BTS and their fandom. Back in 2018, something similar happened when “IDOL” music video had about 10 million views deducted suddenly in the first 24 hours.

Due to the unexplained sudden deletion of views, ARMY used the power of the fandom again to raise their voices and let YouTube know how furious they were.

#YouTubeGiveUsOur10MillionBack is the top worldwide trend on twitter right now; it has been at the top since fans figured out the views were deducted.

ARMY also reported that the views counts were freezing and despite their attempts had trouble trying to regain the lost 10 million views.

As of April 14, 1:47 am KST, the music video views count shows 87,663,839 views.

Here are some of fans tweets:

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