April 13 has been a wild ride for BTS and ARMYs. The fandom has been working extremely hard to break records and make the boys happy, however, the happiness was cut short when YouTube deleted 10 million views from “Boy With Luv.”

“Boy With Luv” had just reached 90 million views at the time, however, the official count showed about 10 million views were removed, it was set back to 80 million views.

About two hours ago, the fandom managed to get “Boy With Luv” back to 90 million views again.

ARMY trended #YouTubeGiveUsOur10MillionBack on twitter for a couple of hours asking YouTube for an official explanation of what went wrong. YouTube has finally responded.

One of YouTube official twitter accounts tweeted,

However, the tweet didn’t subside the angry fandom that unleashed their fury at the platform for deleting views. Many fans asked for more explanation, one fan wrote,

YouTube replied,

Another fan wrote,

YouTube replied with,

One other fan wrote,

YouTube replied with,

One other fan remarked,

YouTube replied with,

Another fan wrote,

YouTube answered,

To another comment, YouTube also told fans that they’re still going through the views and have no accurate final number yet.

What do you think of their reply?