YouTube Officially Responds To ARMY Who Criticized Them For Deleting Views, Here Is What They Said

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April 13 has been a wild ride for BTS and ARMYs. The fandom has been working extremely hard to break records and make the boys happy, however, the happiness was cut short when YouTube deleted 10 million views from “Boy With Luv.”

“Boy With Luv” had just reached 90 million views at the time, however, the official count showed about 10 million views were removed, it was set back to 80 million views.

About two hours ago, the fandom managed to get “Boy With Luv” back to 90 million views again.

ARMY trended #YouTubeGiveUsOur10MillionBack on twitter for a couple of hours asking YouTube for an official explanation of what went wrong. YouTube has finally responded.

One of YouTube official twitter accounts tweeted,

However, the tweet didn’t subside the angry fandom that unleashed their fury at the platform for deleting views. Many fans asked for more explanation, one fan wrote,

YouTube replied,

Another fan wrote,

YouTube replied with,

One other fan wrote,

YouTube replied with,

One other fan remarked,

YouTube replied with,

Another fan wrote,

YouTube answered,

To another comment, YouTube also told fans that they’re still going through the views and have no accurate final number yet.

What do you think of their reply?

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  1. I couple thousand here and there, along the way, is a system adjusting but 10M all at once is more than a glich on the algorithm. Especially when we’ve ensured that the way we view is spread out and through, so we aren’t counted as bots.

  2. I understand what they are doing. The ARMY fighting back after a really good explanation, is childish. They literally said that because BTS is a VERY popular group, they have ridiculous amount of views. And the views are slowing down there system. So they have to get the systems up and running in order to recount the views for an accurate amount of views.

  3. Can you please give back the 14 million views of Boy with Luv unfair! Or should I say can you delete 10 million views of Kill this Love

    1. I totally understand and agree that the feel deleted views should be given back, but taking views from another group, with a fandom working just as hard? That’s totally unacceptable! We should supporting and congratulating BP and other groups/fandoms, not tearing them down. Is this what BTS would want from us?

  4. Just saying, I am entitled to my opinions, but YouTube is giving reasonable explanations as to why they delete views. Streaming the music video is actually bad for the group as you are not watching the video as a whole. Therefore, YouTube starts deleting views, as we are not actually watching the video. Also ARMYs, chill! Some of us start fan-wars for no apparent reason. A small comment that is considered support can be twisted into a back-handed comment.

    1. Ok if it happens on first day it’s ok but it did happen again where the system is able to keep up with view count. But it still deleted 4 million views

  5. Some ARMYs probably keep refreshing and streaming, and the views counted per account can stack up through this way. Youtube team is just doing they’re job, stop acting imma co-‘ARMYs’

  6. youtube! how about our another 4million views you’ve deleted just now? another explaination? nah seems like you just want to delete and delete views from BTS!!! how heartless!!!

  7. How about this, Youtube should put a bot test instead of commercials after a certain amount of time when you they an account viewing a video multiple times. They shouldnt put a timeer on it because if your like me, you will have music playing in the background while doing something while jamming to it. So if it is a bot, they will be unable to answer the questions, but if it’s a person, they will notice the music has stopped and then answer the question to continue listening. I don’t know if it’s that simple but it’s better then just deleting views that may be vailied.

  8. I’m a programmer and I know how your system work but if your saying that the 10.1M views that you deleted do you think it’s too much for a bot to do that? Even though you didn’t really tell us how do you count views or consider a one views!. Yet you just decided to deleted that 10.1M.

    I’m telling you if your condition to count a view is too Finnish the whole video. Let’s have an example….

    If we have a 1000 bots that working to the view then the running time of the MV is 4mins, you will got 1000 views at 4 mins and times it in 1 day or basically 24hrs. You will only have 360,000 views at 24hrs by means of 1,000 bots. This is the calculation….

    1,000 bots
    4 mins (full leangth of MV)
    24 hrs equipment 1,440 mins have in 24hrs
    360 (1,440mins÷4mins(since it’s 4mins))
    1,000(bots)x360(how many 4mins in 24hrs)

    Then that means if a 1,000 bots are viewing it at the same time then they will gonna have only 360,000 views in 24hrs. 10.1M come-on you gonna be kidding me!!

    So your telling me that we have almost 30,000 bots on that day viewing it. If you really say it then that’s is a funny joke….

    So how you will explain it YOUTUBE!!!!

  9. They just deleted 4M last night we had 148.9M when I watched the live press conference and when I comeback it was down to 144.9M. This YouTube is going to give me a heart attack.

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