YG Entertainment Denies Claims That Yang Hyun Suk Provided Sexual Services   

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 MBC show “Straight” aired a preview of its upcoming episode on May 26, in the preview, they allege that YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk mediated sexual services to foreign investors. 

The show alleges that they obtained testimony that Yang Hyun Suk arranged escort services for two Southeast Asian Investors in July of 2014. 

The show claims that he and a YG artist (unnamed so far) and a total of eight men were present during a meeting in a Korean restaurant in Gangnam. They were allegedly 25 women available and at least ten of those women were from well-known adult entertainment establishment that had close ties with YG Entertainment. 

The show then alleges that the group headed to a club in Gangnam called NB (who is said to be owned by Yang Hyun Suk himself) and there were sexual services involved. The show claims they have obtained evidence to back up their claims.  

The preview caused quite the stir and netizens have been waiting to hear Yang Hyun Suk side.  

On May 27, YG Entertainment issued a statement denying Yang Hyun Suk ever provided sexual favors. They said ‘the claims are false,’ adding that he did attend that meeting as he was invited by an acquaintance but he didn’t provide such favors.  

This is not the end of it as the show full episode on Yang Hyun Suk will air today on May 27 at 08:55 p.m. KST. 

Stay tuned for updates! 

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