Yang Hyun Suk Confirms G-dragon and Taeyang Comeback Himself Through His Social Media Account

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YG himself has blessed us with amazing news of two Bigbang members impending comeback.

The CEO himself took to his social media account to confirm Taeyang’s and Gdragon’s solo comebacks this year.

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It has been confirmed that Gdragon is planning on a comeback in early June before he embarks on his solo concert tour, he even shared pictures of his new haircut ahead of comeback.

YG himself said:

“G-Dragon will definitely announce a new album in early June.”

YG himself also posted a photo to his Instagram with the caption:

“#My family. #My brother. #In the final stages of recording. #All production is finished today. #Definitely early June. #I’ve been with them for 17 years and will be for 17 more. #At that time, #I’ll already have retired. #Fighting, GD. #Next is Taeyang.”

Fans were so excited about his announcement, Gdragon solo album will be out in less than a month and Taeyang will soon follow.

Are you excited about Taeyang’s and Gdragon’s solo comebacks this year?

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