Wonstein Signs Exclusive Contract With Zion.T’s Standard Friends

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Rapper Wonstein has confirmed joining Zion.T’s Standard Friends after long discussions with the agency.

On August 26, Standard Friends announced, “Wonstein has signed an exclusive contract with Standard Friends to start his activities.”

Zion.T, the CEO of Standard Friends, met with Wonstein in person and expressed their intention to recruit him, and the two have been discussing about him joining the agency continuously since the end of Wonstein’s exclusive contract, Standard Friends explained.

Wonstein explained the reason behind joining Standard Friends, by saying, “It was a time when I felt the importance of production in making work as a singer-songwriter. I decided to join the team after seeing the environment where I can focus only on music and the staff who participate in the artist’s work as if it were their own work.

Wonstein expressed his feelings about the conversation with Zion.T, saying, “I felt grateful that CEO Zion.T reached out first and listened to my story. I had faith in him since “Show Me the Money,” and I had no difficulty making a decision because he knew what the artist needed to grow up the best.”

Standard Friends said, “We will be able to meet Wonstein through our work in the near future.”

We are looking forward to Wonstein’s future activities.

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