Winner Drop A Bombshell, They Reveal They’re Still Paying  Off Their Debt

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The beloved YG Entertainment group with hit tracks that tops Korean and international charts revealed that they’re still paying their debt.

On April 17, the group took part in SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment,” they took part in an interview and answered many questions. One of the questions they were asked revolved around their first paychecks.

Many idols get asked this question, “What did you do with your first paychecks?” Winner has a surprising emotional answer, Kim Jin Woo, the group’s eldest revealed that he paid off his debt with it.

Other members also revealed that they had done the same, the group’s leader Kang Seung Yoon explained to fans that the group members don’t come from wealthy families, Song Min Ho added,

“All of us were on the struggling side more than the normal side.”

Lee Seung Hoon then cutely added,

“Lets not be sad. We’re still working hard to pay it off. We’re trying!”

The beloved YG group really shook me with their responses; the video link is available below for you to view it.

I couldn’t believe that the group had remaining debt to pay; of course, the members could be paying their own debt, their parents’ debt and such.

Behind the glamour, the high end fashion and the fancy cars, even YG’s group Winner is still paying up. They haven’t been around for a year or two but for four years, four years y’all, this is shocking!!

The group debuted back in 2014 with originally five members, their most recent track “Everyday” was a huge national and international success. They achieved a perfect all-kill on the charts and the track is still in the top 10 on many Korean music charts such as Melon, Genie and many others.

It must be very exhausting to train for so many years and debut and still struggle with paying debt four years after your debut. Winner is considered one of the successful Kpop groups, I can only imagine how hard it is for lesser successful Kpop groups with members still struggling with their debt.

Some Kpop stars have even left the Kpop world with debt attached to them and had to work many odd jobs to get by.

Huge props for Winner for persisting. I just hope that YG knows well that the boys are still paying their debt, he should help them promote more and earn more money not lock them away in a dungeon.

Being a Kpop idol is just like any other job, you get paid when promoting, very and I mean very few artists make money while asleep, or money from royalties, Gdragon, Zico, RM and many others worked so damn hard to get where they are.

Fighting Winner! Still listening to Everyday~

Where you guys shocked like me?

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  1. Honestly, why all of you keep getting everything wrong. First payment is actually when they were payed for the first time back in 2014. Now they are really rich, just take a look how expensive they are. Gosh, shocked for no reason

  2. Idols stars are less rich than western stars for sure. Seungyoon said next year he might be able to buy a car (so 5 years after being a celebrity, 6 if you count when he was solo). Many western pop star can buy 4,5 expensive cars and a house in 1 year. I think idols are payed like many regular people in the world. But they have expensive gifts from the fans :/

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