Why NCT Dream Jaemin’s Answer To ‘Who The Big 3 Are?’ Is Going Viral

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NCT Dream Jaemin’s response to a question asked by a reporter is going viral!

NCT Dream Jaemin and Jeno were recently interviewed by “SUBUSU News” reporter; the aim was to uncover the secrets to passing SM’s infamously difficult auditions at SM’s building where other trainees also practice.

The boys were taking a look at the reporter SM audition, Jaemin then shared that he was actually cast on the streets while volunteering in a school trip, they were going through many interview questions while also giving their own answers or commentary.

After that part, the reporter brought up the topic of ‘The Big 3,’ Jaemin responded with ‘Sm, JYP…’ he then paused for a second then said ‘Big Hit.’ The reporter pointed out,

“I see you’re aware of the current events.”

He replied with, ‘it hasn’t been long since we were born.’ 

Fans couldn’t stop talking about how he cutely responded to the question about the Big 3, many pointing out how YG is being pushed out of the Big 3 status it held on for a long time.

Netizens applauded the idol and praised him for his smart answer.

Check out the hilarious clip below:

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  1. BlackPink is the biggest girl group in Kpop, YG isn’t leaving the big 3. Everyone’s just jealous how they’re popular without the typical kpop formula and it’s ticking off other companies, so they’re banning together to try and kick them out. NCT deserves more press, all their units. Especially for all their hard work, but SM is at risk of doing to NCT what they did to shinee.

  2. Someone is insinuating that BLACKPINK is the reason we’re pushing YG out of the Big 3. If anything, I feel bag they they still have to be a part of that toxic label instead of jumping ship. Hell, even YG himself peaced. His label doesn’t deserve to be in the Big 3 anymore

  3. YG dug its own grave. Their rumors weren’t just rumors..ITS PURE SCANDAL. Its not because of blackpink (seriously) its because of YG itself and their crappy management that made them sank that low

  4. To me yg is still consider part of the big three because to me what considered to be part of the big three is having all of the company groups to be widely known like sm artist everyone knows what groups they and yg has 2ne1, winner, akmu, leee hi , ikon , bp, Big Bang and + like if you ask people what groups are under yg they can name them but when you ask people who is part of big hit they just say bts and txt but no one knows about homes their duo group ,glam their girl group,8eight and 2am like big hit too me is just a rising company with the moment of one really successful group and you can tell they are making txt with the same formula

    u cannot remove YG. Yow, u cant remove 2ne1, Bigbang, winner, ikon, akmu, psy, and lee hi from kpop historyyy

    Brace urself, u ignorant kid. U still has a lot to learn.
    Blinks: here I come kickin the door

  6. Maybe he is a big fan of Sm, JYP and BIG Hit it’s actually his opinion. Not mentioning YG is not bad thing since everyone know that they have great artist on that company. So don’t call someone ignorant just because it doesn’t pleases you.

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