WayV’s Xiaojun And TEMPEST’s Hyeongseop To Join ATEEZ’s Yeosang As MCs For “The Show”

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WayV and NCT’s Xiaojun and TEMPEST’s Hyeongseop have been confriemed to join ATEEZ’s Yeosang as MCs of “The Show.”

On March 8, SBS M “The Show” announced that WayV and NCT’s Xiaojun and TEMPEST’s Hyeongseop were selected as MCs to join ATEEZ’s Yeosang, who has been hosting for three consecutive years.

Yeosang was recognized for his witty speech and witty quickness on “The Show.” On top of that, now Xiaojun and Hyeongseop joined and completed a stable 3MC lineup.

In particular, the three are the same age born in 1999, and will boast the chemistry of “99s MC.”

The production team said, “They  are expected to receive a lot of attention and love from global K-pop fans with their natural chemistry and playfulness between friends of the same age.”

Meanwhile, “The Show” airs every Tuesday at 6 p.m. on SBS M and SBS F!L.

Are you excited see this trio together?

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