Kpop Female Idol Jung Ah Begs Netizens To Stop Sending Her Threatening Harassing DMs

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Former After School member Jung Ah has had enough with k-netizens and she decided to speak out.

Jung Ah took to Instagram to plead with netizens asking them not to send her malicious threatening and harassing DMs on Instagram. In her Instagram post, she clarifies that she’s been receiving many threats ranging from strange swear words to threatening messages, she talks about how it’s been so difficult on her to accept getting such DMs simply because she’s a celebrity, she says she can’t handle the awful DMs anymore.

Here is her translated post:

“To those who send me weird vulgar words via DMs, I will not reveal your name.

Do I need to handle this because I am a Celebrity; there is no reason for me to be scolded.

I’ve tried to get over it,

I’m so angry and I keep thinking about it

Should I handle bad comments simply because I am a celebrity?

I tried to let it go thinking pitifully about malicious commenters, but it’s not easy.

I get more hurt than you think.


Not just me..

Its bad for many reasons.

Your words could murder.

I don’t want to lose my colleagues anymore

I also can’t accept it, it’s hard.

Many celebrities don’t express themselves because they’re okay.

Everyone is hurting

I beg you again

If you don’t like it,

Don’t look.”


Jung Ah recently welcomed her first child after getting married to basketball player Jung Chang Young in April 2018. Many people are curious about why she continues to receive such types of messages.

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DM으로 이상한 욕설보내시는분 제가 공개하진 않겠습니다. 연예인이라는.이유로 욕을 들어야 할 이유는 없습니다. 그냥 넘어가보려고도 해봤으나 너무 화가나고 계속 생각이나네요. 연예인들은 악플들을 감당해야하나요? 악플쓰시는분들 안쓰럽게 생각하고 그냥 넘어가려고 했으나 그게 쉽지않네요 생각하시는 것보다 너무 상처를 크게 받습니다.. 제발 부탁드릴께요. 저뿐만 아니라 많은 기사들에 악플다시는거 살인일수도 있어요. 더이상 동료들을 잃고 싶지도 않고. 저 또한 받아들이기가.힘듭니다. 많은 연예인분들이 괜찮아서 표현안하는거 아닙니다. 다들.상처받고있어요. 다시 한번 부탁드립니다. 맘에 들지 않는다면 보지마세요.

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