V LIVE Announces Termination Of Its Service In December

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V LIVE, a live broadcast platform for idol groups to communicate with fans, will end its service and will disappear from history.

On October 31, V LIVE announced that “V LIVE” will end its service on December 31, 2022.

According to the guide, the entire posting service, including videos, images, and text serviced by V LIVE, will be terminated. All rights purchased with V LIVE content rental and collection rights will also expire.

Free images and videos in the V LIVE channel will be provided free of charge until the end of the service, but the end of the service of the content posted on the channel may be accelerated depending on the decision of the operator of the channel. Paid images and videos vary depending on the purchase period of paid products for each product, but they can be used until the maximum service is terminated.

In the case of paid content, if you agree to the process of transferring paid content rights held during the transfer of Weverse member information, you can use it on Weverse. However, only V LIVE+ product contents of artists present on Weverse can be transferred.

V LIVE, which was serviced by Naver, was officially opened on September 1, 2015. Since then, many stars, centered on idols, have been popular with live broadcasts, exclusive teasers, and live broadcasts of showcases, leading to the popularization of fandom platforms.

In addition, it provides various types of content, including web entertainment, web dramas, and music entertainment, and has had a strong influence on the entertainment market beyond just being the platform where stars and fans meet.

On January 27 last year, the situation took a new turn as the integration of V LIVE with Weverse was announced through a strategic alliance with HYBE, the agency of BTS. Naver and HYBE announced the launch of “Weverse 2.0,” which has evolved further by integrating V Live and Weverse.

Weverse is a fandom platform operated by Weverse Company, a subsidiary of HYBE. It started with three artists, including BTS, in 2019 and is currently operating 65 artists’ communities as of November 2022.

Weverse took the first step in integrating V LIVE and Weverse by introducing Weverse Live, which moved the V LIVE video live function in July. The integration of V LIVE video live technology not only provides communication through photos and text but also real-time video communication, enabling various communication between artists and fans on Weverse.

Meanwhile, V LIVE will be available until December 31.

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