TXT Say They’ll Work Hard Not To Harm BTS’s Image, Talk About Being Fans Of The Group

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Big Hit Entertainment new group TXT has finally held their long-awaited debut showcase on March 5 at 2 PM KST.

In the press conference, the boys talked about how they felt when they finally debuted, they also discussed their sunbae group and label-mates BTS.

TXT revealed BTS’s shared heartfelt advice with them, BTS had told them to work hard on their teamwork and go from there, TXT added they won’t forget about their advice for them and work hard on their synergy as a group.

They revealed Bang PD told them to practice with confidence for their stage, BTS had also given them similar advice.

TXT has been called “BTS’s brother group,” the members shared how they felt about BTS, they said

“BTS sunbaenims are like the sky to us. While we were recording, they told us they would talk about us during their award speeches and they had even mentioned us at the ‘Grammy Awards.’

It was a great honor, we were incredibly touched to receive many advices. We had worries but we will work hard so that we won’t tarnish BTS’s reputation.”

BTS worked hard before reaching their status and their hard work enabled trainees under the agency to have better conditions, people called TXT as a group being born with a silver spoon, to that TXT said,

“Since we were able to see our seniors achieve so much after going through difficulties, it’s an honor and we respect them. We will work hard.”

Recently, TXT has also signed a partnership with American label Republic Records. They also broke the record for most viewed Kpop debut MV and topped iTunes Top Album charts in at least 44 different regions.

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