TWICE’s First Ever Sub-unit MISAMO Confirmed To Debut In July

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TWICE‘s first subunit, MISAMO, will officially debut in Japan in July.

JYP Entertainment thrilled fans around the world by sequentially releasing trailers and photos of Mina, Sana on February 8th, and Momo on the 9th on TWICE’s official Japanese SNS channel. On February 9th, the unit name Misamo was revealed along with a group trailer and photos of the three members.

MISAMO, the first unit that TWICE will introduce after 8 years of debut, consists of three Japanese members, Mina, Sana, and Momo, and the team name is made up of the first letters of each member’s name. They plan to release their 1st mini album in Japan on July 26th and carry out full-fledged activities.

On January 25th, Mina, Sana, and Momo released a new song ‘Bouquet’ in Japan. ‘Bouquet’ is an OST for the TV Asahi Friday night drama “Lieson -Children’s Heart Clinic”, and the warm vocals of the three members, which match well with the drama, garnered favorable reviews. It topped the Top 100 Daily Chart as well as the Weekly Chart. In addition, they showed signs of unit activities, such as decorating the cover of the March issue of Vogue Japan, a global fashion magazine, raising expectations.

In the released group opening trailer and photos, Mina, Sana, and Momo caught the eye as they exuded an unrivaled aura with luxurious visuals. Attention is focused on the new energy that they will bring together as a unit, who are active on the world stage as a ‘global top girl group’ with special charm.

Recently, TWICE’s pre-released English single ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’ released on January 20 entered the US Billboard main chart ‘Hot 100’ at No. 84. TWICE, who started their activities in 2023 with good results, will release a new mini-album ‘Ready to Be’ with ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’ on March 10 and make a comeback.

MISAMO’s 1st Japanese mini-album will be officially released on July 26th, and pre-orders for the album will begin on July 9th.


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