TWICE Mina Receives Harsh Comments From K-Netizens, JYP Does THIS

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After less than a day of JYP announcing that TWICE Mina will not be participating in her group’s world tour, they returned with a second statement promising strict legal action against k-netizens who defame their artists.

But why did this happen?

After the initial announcement of TWICE Mina’s sudden severe anxiety and stage fright, some k-netizens were harsh in the comment section. Some criticized her abilities and stage presence; others theorized she will soon leave her group, some asked her to go back to Japan.

South Korea and Japan Current relationship is not ok, there is what’s being called ‘cold war’ in terms of economics, politics, and diplomacy. The Japanese government adjusted the export of semiconductor in retaliation for a verdict from the Supreme Court of South Korea in regards to the event when Koreans were drafted to the military in the past.

It is also expected to affect other areas potentially Kpop as well. This is why Koreans aren’t particularly happy and are in return boycotting Japanese goods. Many are asking Japanese idols to go back to their own country.

The harsh k-netizens comments didn’t sit well with JYP, they returned with a statement that addresses the malicious posts and comments about Mina, her heath and the other members as well.

They promised strict legal action against everyone who posts defamatory comments that can severely damage the artists’ reputations and characters. Announcing they’re taking the full legal route to punish those who write and share such content.

ONCE are happy to hear the news and continue to pray for Mina’s quick recovery.

What do you think of JYP’s response?

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Kevin Miller

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  1. The hell is wrong with knetizens??? Honestly, can’t you just let your idols live??? They are human too and they don’t need to live up to your ridiculous expectations!!!! Uuuurrrggg

    1. Japan and korea have a tight history. Japan for many years enslaved korean people and also assassinated the last king and queen of korea. They tortured of lot of innocent citizens and a lot of lived were lost. This is 1 or the most common reason why korea and japan dont get along to this day. Parents teach children this and also at school about the history of korea. To this day korea and Japan are not in good terms

      1. I think most people know this, but that still doesn’t give anyone a reason to turn hate to hate. She is her own person! What happened in the past was beyond horrendous, but I’m sure there were many Japanese who didn’t agree with what their government was doing. If this was the reason, then they shouldn’t had her in the group to begin with. South Korea is racist. Let’s be realistic! I love Kdrama’s and K-pop, but they will not permit their children to be in any kind of serous relations with anyone that is not Korean. It’s a bit extreme! They want everyone to love them, but they don’t want to love everyone. Their suicide rate alone says what kind of pressure their own people feel. It’s time for change, and maybe it should start with helping the senior citizens who are homeless. They have the money, but pride comes before a fall. I love so much about their heritage, that I hope they start acknowledging the pain of others, and it needs to start in their own home.

  2. I’m all for it. If you’re that cruel and pathetic as to verbally attack someone because she’s choosing to focus on her health and well-being, instead of performing for you, which is putting a strain on her health, then you deserve the legal action. Mina is a sweet girl who has devoted years of her life to performing and entertaining the world with her voice. JYP is doing the right thing by protecting not only her, but all of their employees. Go JYP! Protect our little penguin.

    1. Jyp did the best thing in my opinion, because I have gone through something similar to what mina is going through and she doesn’t need any more stress, anxiety and hurt from knetizens. I understand that some poeple feel different about idols now that the whole thing with japan is happening but i bet a bunch of the like groups with japanese members and dont say anything to them.

  3. We still here Mina , we will protect you and TWICE members too . Knetizen don’t you dare touch them ! We will give big punch on your Face ! You touch them or talk something bad about them , i will make a report seriously . just mind your own business . They human too . Not only you a Human in this world . We live in this world for peace and loves each other even their from other countries . Please give some respect for others people .

    1. Jyp did the best thing in my opinion, because I have gone through something similar to what mina is going through and she doesn’t need any more stress, anxiety and hurt from knetizens. I understand that some poeple feel different about idols now that the whole thing with japan is happening but i bet a bunch of the like groups with japanese members and dont say anything to them.

  4. Good riddance. I’m not even a ONCE but sending harsh comments towards a person suffering from severe anxiety is just fuc–ng pathetic and inhumane. Mental health problem isn’t something to be taken lightly — I’m saying this as someone who personally went through it, too. It isn’t something that you can cure with just a tablet. No one knows how long a person can recover from it. I’m glad JYP’s taking strict actions on this. Mina can take her time recovering and relaxing.

  5. What is wrong with K – Netizens ? Why do you include K-Pop into politics ? JYPE already said that Mina is focusing on her health and everyone should respect that.

    I am glad JYPE strict to this. Please protect them, JYP. Also, GWS Mina. Take time to recover. We will wait for you as long as it takes for you.

  6. I don’t understand how bad knetizens could act like arrogant people. Fighting Minari! You have to fight, stand up and hold ur head held high cause u r pretty inside out. Don’t let these rude people destroy ur inner peace. Gambatte. Sukidesu!

  7. I disagree India is as well racist do you know Baichung Bhutia ? The player from sikkim aka the best footballer in India was heavily criticized for taking about Dhoni he just said we shouldn’t bring politics into sport ? And guess why some or 90% of the comments were shut up you Chinese Chinky who are you? You’re not Indian get back to China
    THIS WAS SO FRUSTRATING TO US NOTTH EAST CAUSE WE LOOK DIFFERBT BUT WE ARE INDIANS gladly I moved to the states and no one here gives. a F

  8. I just hope mina recovers quickly because I miss her so much. Please post positive comments only because negative comments will only worsen mina’s condition. Onces, let us support twoce all the way through this! Twice will get through this because we all know that they are a fighter!

  9. Haters gonna hate. Haters always be haters. They will always judge and leave a harsh comment to make us down. But we as ONCE will always support twice. Don’t fight with them cause we are not in the same level with them (pstttt: My english grammar is bad so hope you understand tehee 🙂 )

    1. I think what your trying to say is “Don’t fight with the haters, don’t come down to their level.”
      Your right. If every one completely ignores their comments, doesn’t react or reply. They’very lost completely, to be honest their just petty minded sad individuals with nothing better to do.
      Put your effort into supporting a young lady going through hell, and in supporting the rest ofor twice who must be worried sick.

  10. Some stupid hater among knetz in south korea are mostly hate Mina especially Twice because they want to bring down Twice. They tried with several issue involve other Twice members like Nayeon Jeongyeon Tzuyu Sana Jihyo and now Mina. They want to bring dow Twice so their favourite girlgroup will shine. Twice is not my only favourite girlgroup, i also like other girlgroup song and always listen to the in Youtube. When i read comment, the hater aka their fans will praise the girlgroup and then out of nowhere they start relate it to Twice and insult them. They cant accept reality that their girlgroup dont have X factor and luck even they tried hard to win all fans around world. They will insult Twice and related it even with small matter. No wonder the hater aka the stupid fans gonna take any chance to attack Twice even with small issue relate or not to bring down Twice. Like even they know Jihyo dont have anything related to jjy they tried hard to make like she is the one of victim. After Sbs tv confirm Twice have nothing with jjy they still attack jihyo. In Sana case, she never mention anything about past history, just talk about her feeling toward her country but dumb hater take chance to attack her. They now tried physically and mentally attack Twice. Hope jyp can take strict legal action sue or throw the to jail. People like them dont need to let free in world because they only make other people suffer.

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